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Towel Care

Choosing The Right Towel

  • Heavy towels are usually better quality, however some people prefer lighter towels. It depends on the end user.
  • The heavier the towel, the more durable it is usually.
  • At Rupa Cotton Mills, we produce some of the most durable towels available, as we are able to control the raw materials directly.
  • Softness in a towel does not usually mean quality, softener can be added by manufacturers to lure customers to a substandard product.
  • Absorbency will usually determine the quality of the towel, here at Rupa Cotton we achieve a very high absorbency and a supple softness which come from East African Cotton, and the superior production processes used by us.
  • To test absorbency, place a drop of water on the towel surface. If the water holds on the surface then a lot of softener has been used on the towel.
Washing Your Towels

Washing Tips

  • Always wash towels before you use them. This removes any excess chemicals that may be left over from the factory.
  • Avoid washing towels daily if you can, this helps keep the towel looking newer for longer.
  • Use detergents recommended for coloured cotton, and use softener sparingly.
  • Towels can be washed at lower temperatures, to conserve energy try and wash them at 40 degrees celsius.
  • Wash towels seperately if you can, and remember, dark colours will run for at least 3 washes.
  • Use a small amount of vinegar to keep the colour from fading in the long run.
  • Our processes ensure the highest level of colour fastness to washing and this will keep your towels looking brighter for longer.

Drying & Storing Your Towels

  • Tumble dry your towels on a low heat for the best effect. Don't overdry the towel though, as this will give a crispy feel.
  • You may line dry your towel to conserve energy, however do not line dry in direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the towel is hanging balanced when line drying to avoid distortion.
  • Do not store damp towels, as this will form mildew and is harmful for your health.
  • Store your towels in a well aired linen cupboard or simply hang them up in the bathroom ready for use.