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Rupa Cotton Mills produces some of the finest quality cotton terry towels available in the world.

This quality starts with the cotton we use. All our cotton is sourced in the East African Region.

East African Cotton is robust yet soft, and the cell structure creates a fibre that is one of most absorbant in the world.

East African Cotton

The superior absorbancy is created from the environment that this cotton is grown in.

All cotton farming in the region is subsistence farming, and all of the cotton is handpicked.

This super absorbant cotton creates products that will please you, as well creating jobs throught East Africa.

Indulge in a truly African product.

Vibrant Colours

Our facility is fully integrated, giving you the assurance of consistency.

We can control our yarn to create the product you want, exactly as you want it.

Our in house design team can create a total range for you, creating a synergy for you.

Our dyehouse is capable of creating any shade range that you may possibly want.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our Typical Sizes are:

  • Bath Sheet: 90cm X 150cm
  • Bath Towel: 70cm X 140cm
  • Hand Towel: 50cm X 90cm
  • Guest Towel: 30cm X 50cm
  • Face Towel: 30cm X 30cm

However we can tailor our sizes to suit your needs.

We produce towels in the range of 450GSM to 750GSM and also Bath Mats at 800GSM.

Family Set

Any sort of personalisation you require, in terms of labels, swing cards, embroidery can all be done upon request, with any design that you may want.

Giving you a truly flexible and versatile product range.

With Rupa Cotton Mills, you will get a truly personal experience, and we ensure that quality is our number one priority.

Finest Hospitality Products

Our Hospitality products are tailored to help you save money, and also please your customers.

The hospitality range offers a sturdy construction with lower pile to aid in conserving time and energy in washing. All towels have double stitched hemming to increase the lifespan of the towels.

Our towels will help you become more eco-friendly whilst still enjoying the benefits of a wrold class product.

Aristocrat By Rupa Cotton Mills