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About Us

Rupa Cotton Mills is the most advanced terry towel mill in Africa, housing the latest machinary and cutting edge methods of production to ensure our quality is of the highest standard possible. All our production is 100% Cotton sourced from the East African region.

 Starting effective production from 2009 Rupa Cotton Mills employs an excellent team of highly qualified technical staff, ensuring the finest quality is consistently being achieved. Located in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Athi River, the mill is a 20 minute drive from Nairobi and a stones throw away from Jomo Kenyatta international airport.

We are also located close to the inland container depot for quick dispatch of our goods to the port of Mombasa.

Rupa Cotton Mills is a highly innovative firm and our ethos encompasses environemental considerations. Our factory site is carbon neutral and our boiler requires the minimum amount of fuel to achieve the required production. 
We aim to reduce the demand for fuel by using solar techniques which have been designed by our highly innovative engineering team.

Our wastage is minimal and we always striving for better efficiency and quality.

Our array of products

Rainwater is collected from our immense roof space and is used in our processing reducing the demand from the city’s water grid. Waste water from dyeing is reprocessed and purified so that it can be reused, minimising our wastage.

 Rupa Cotton Mills has been very active in promoting and developing Cotton in Kenya. We have been present from the initial plan of the Cotton development authority, and we are still here today, supporting Kenyan & East African Cotton.

Our efforts have made East African Cotton known worldwide, and this plus all our environmental awareness, makes us a key