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Water Recycling Plant

Rupa Cotton Mills takes environmental responsibility very seriously. The environment around us is the very reason we exist and we should work with our surroundings in a sustainable manner.

We harvest rainwater using our large roofspace and very large storage tank. Our waste water from our processes is then recycled using our in-house water treatment facility. The recycled water can then be used in our processing, or to water our on-site vegetable and tree plantation.

Our boiler runs on bio-fuel in the form of purpose grown eucalyptus, and sisal waste from a factory nearby. We also burn agro-waste from all sources to reduce the load on the local dumpsites.

The environment is of utmost importance to us and we take it's protection extremely seriously.

In Addition to the sustainability work performed on-site at Rupa Cotton Mills, we support several wildlife conservation organisations. The wildlife around us is a gift that we must cherish and protect so that all future generations can marvel at the sights which priveleged our lives.
African Wildlife Trust The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust Matizamo Afrika Safaris
Ivory Only Belongs On Elephants Say NO to Poaching

Each of these organisations is working towards the prevention of poaching of all animals, especially Rhino's & Elephants from East Africa. The level of poaching has become frightening and whith the help of these organisations, we are paving a way to saving these magnificent animals, for the benefit of you, me and the future generations to come.

Matizamo Afrika Safaris is a travel company that encourages responsible tourism and is very active on the war agaisnt poaching.